Age vs. Awkward Jean

I’m getting old. And not the good kind either. You know the one that comes with wisdom, contentment, and a sense of purpose. I’m the other kind of old. The one that comes with new found hair sprouting from places it shouldn’t and standing in the beauty aisle weighing the pros and cons of Continue reading

Obviously You’re Not a Golfer


Soooo… some girlfriends and I decided we should start a bowling league and tonight was our first match/game/meet/thing.

I should probably start by stating there’s a REALLY good chance I’m going to become a bowling coach. My bowling is ridiculously on point. Like I can hit BOTH gutters, same roll. I’m THAT good. In fact, tonight… I bowled a 165. Granted that was the total of my three games combined, but still, a pretty solid showing if I do say so myself.

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Netflix & Chill

Netflix and chill romance.jpg

(If you haven’t read the previous  entry Welcome Back to the Land of the Living then I recommend starting there as this entry is Part II of that story…)

Text Received: Hey.

(Looking across the bar, meeting eyes and smiling) Text Sent: Hi. Continue reading

Welcome Back to the Land of the Living



I hate those girls. You know the ones. Those girls who fall for a guy and basically change everything about themselves. They stop hanging out with friends. They stop writing their blog. They take a job at a brewery, stop drinking and lose 60 pounds. Yeah. Those girls need to get their shit together.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, cutting back on drinking and taking better care of oneself to be healthier and happier is fine. But giving up a blog? Becoming a hermit? WORKING AT A BREWERY AND RARELY DRINKING THE AMAZING LIQUID GOLD BEING CREATED WITHIN??? Yeah, those girls suck.

Whew. Glad I’m not like that… anymore. #AwkwardJean2016 … I’m back. Continue reading