Obviously You’re Not a Golfer


Soooo… some girlfriends and I decided we should start a bowling league and tonight was our first match/game/meet/thing.

I should probably start by stating there’s a REALLY good chance I’m going to become a bowling coach. My bowling is ridiculously on point. Like I can hit BOTH gutters, same roll. I’m THAT good. In fact, tonight… I bowled a 165. Granted that was the total of my three games combined, but still, a pretty solid showing if I do say so myself.

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Netflix & Chill

Netflix and chill romance.jpg

(If you haven’t read the previous  entry Welcome Back to the Land of the Living then I recommend starting there as this entry is Part II of that story…)

Text Received: Hey.

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Welcome Back to the Land of the Living



I hate those girls. You know the ones. Those girls who fall for a guy and basically change everything about themselves. They stop hanging out with friends. They stop writing their blog. They take a job at a brewery, stop drinking and lose 60 pounds. Yeah. Those girls need to get their shit together.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, cutting back on drinking and taking better care of oneself to be healthier and happier is fine. But giving up a blog? Becoming a hermit? WORKING AT A BREWERY AND RARELY DRINKING THE AMAZING LIQUID GOLD BEING CREATED WITHIN??? Yeah, those girls suck.

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