PSA: Never Alone

We installed those energy saving automatic lights in the break rooms and bathrooms at my office. The bathrooms are in the center of the building and have no windows or natural light… Since the instal we’ve all lived in fear of beating the clock on the auto-off… Today one of us lost the battle…  

PSA: If you aren’t 100% committed to a fast exchange, buddy up or take your phone… #NeverAlone

The (now) Infamous Cheese Incident

I work in a historic area of Kansas City known as the West Bottoms. More specifically I work in a converted office building that is over 100 years old — The Livestock Exchange Building. It’s chock full of character and characters. On the first floor there is a once-famous steak house called the Golden Ox; still well-known for its steaks, but also it’s fabulous bartenders and heavy pours, the Ox is frequented by the building tenants as a happy hour hangout. In our lobby the Ox has a little lunch counter called The Hub. The quality and service has had some highs and lows over the past several years, but it is currently experiencing a wave of popularity with consistently palatable offerings so it’s a place I frequent on my lunch hours. The current managers post the daily special, including a picture, on the Hub’s Facebook page so I tend to make checking the special a part of my morning routine as I plan out my day. Imagine my sheer joy when, on day two without my graphic designer (henceforth known as Post-Thowepacalypse), my fog of depression was permeated by one of my all-time FAVORITE daily specials – NACHOS!!! Continue reading