Beer Notes by Awkward Jean


Last week I had the opportunity to attend an educational class at the brewery I work at; the class was for employees to familiarize us with the upcoming fall releases. A friend of mine had to miss out due to a work trip for his other job so I graciously decided to take real-time notes throughout the event and text them to him. Below are those notes. HOWEVER, I feel it is important to point out that I had thoroughly enjoyed a happy hour prior to attending the class, soooo A) I was perhaps a little buzzed going into it; B) My palate may have been compromised by the sangria; C) Several of the beers we were tasting have a higher than average alcohol content… soooo… there’s that. ALSO, please note some expletives are utilized in the below dialogue. Proceed accordingly.

Without further adieu… Beer Notes by Awkward Jean (text-style).

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And that my friends is why I work in the gift shop and they don’t let me talk about the beer very often. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to go beer tasting with me, let me know and we’ll see what glorious beer notes we can make together. Cheers!

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